Wednesday, November 15, 2006

These Days...

Have been a little away from Blogger
Have been concentrating on trying to settle things at my perofessional end
Have been eating a lot and putting on a lot of stomach ;)
Have been rising up early in the morning and going for a jog just to balance
Have been reading a lot of books - starting from Freakonomics to books on Body language
Have been finishing the given work on the stipulated deadlines
Have been generally happy about nothing or all the things around

These days...have been endeavouring to make my mind do things that I would like to do rather than doing it the other way

These days..ive been falling in love with myself...all over again...

Touchwood ..:) Cheers

Friday, October 20, 2006


Just a message that did something to me...could not help sharing with you folks out here...

Was passing by one of the areas around Bangalore when my eyes fell on this message..

Wishing you a very happy Deepavali
- Muslim association of XYZ colony

One of the most powerful messages in modern times. Wish we could have more of these. May the tribe increase!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just a piece...

Its 5.27 a.m. on a Thursday morning. The dogs have stopped barking outside. Below, I can hear two and four wheelers passing by. Have been working on a project which has taken the entire night. Yet to complete. My eyes are giving up, my head is not. In the backgrond, K.K (whatever his expanded name is) has been belting the same song again and again and again...that's how I wanted it to be. Have been listening to Pal for more than 30 times easily now.
Memories attached to it. Some want to keep, some want to erase off. But memories are memories. They follow us wherever we go....Here goes KK once again with the same song...and how beautiful it sounds even the 31st time!!

Some melodies act like sponges. They soak the memories out of somewhere and the nostolgia just haunts you. I realize that I have no time for haunting nostolgia and try to get back to work.
No remedy. They just flash like magic. A crow crows outside. The nearby mosque invokes the day through the loudspeaker. KK sings for the 32nd time.

Just to understand what I missed, I open I search for the community of Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. Get a couple of communities. I kow what to search. Fortunately there's the batch of 2007.
Some seen faces, many unseen. I would have been there, had I not chose to chuk it. Nevermind, life's all about choices. My probable classmates :)
I close orkut. I am satisfied. Existence bless them...they look like a great bunch of students...

KK has finished belting the number 33rd time...lemme give the guy a break...cheers :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here's a new one :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Gandhigiri...sounds cool!

Have to admit that I have not had the privilege to watch it. Had been to PVR today for a late night show, but the tickets were sold out. 3rd week and a Monday night to add to that! This might just be the biggest blockbuster after Shloay..well hopefully im not going hyper over it and blogging my conclusions without watching the sequel of the Munna - Circuit riproaring comedy Munna Bhai MBBS..Well some beg to differ that the movie was never a comedy..All respects to them for their thoughts :)

Coming back to the sequel..Where did the inspiration come from? None other than one of the most masaladar (spicy) news channel called star news...
They make a special story on everything and everybody...From the tiff between 2 celebs on a non descript TV channel to Rakhi Sawant to the boy who had been there in a tunnel for oh so long hours to god knows what...There's a special story for everything in this channel.

Mind you, they might just do a special series on yours truly if they come to know that I have done a special blog on "Lage Raho Munna Bhai"...;) Mark my word! Ahem ;)

Again coming back, this special story was really special. A hug to Star news for that! Inspired me to rush to the theatre as soon as it got over, irrespective of my schedules..
Not getting a tic is a different thing altogether..but yeah it did some real good cover on the story.

For instance, the guy who played Gandhiji apparently saw a pirated version of the movie being played in one of the night coaches. He complained the incident to the police and a case was filed against the company for showing pirated movies!
Now that, would he have done it if it was any other movie is a one crore rupees question. Nevertheless, the fact that it might serve as a lesson for other tour operators who show movies in their coaches is a satisfying feeling for a traveller!

Next good feel. Pop comes Raj Kumar Hirani. The reporter sticks the mike to his nose and asks the best cliche that could be asked..what's the response been like?
Hello, homework, someone please explain this reporter that my movie is a super duper hit!!! (Well that's your director thinking, not my words;)

And our magician, gleaming in the glory of showing the nation one of the finest samples of creative imagination recites an incident..

To quote -

"You see, the other day I got a call from one gentleman who said that after watching the movie he threw the ticket on the ground...but suddenly he realised that he should not be doing that..picked up the ticket from the ground and threw it in the dustbin.."

That's Gandhigiri at its best, I presume..and a nice one at that!

Heard that the movie is tax free in Delhi..and they want to show the same in the Parilament! Im sure that they would be quite fluent with the mamu language..and Gandhi? well, your optinism is as good as mine!!

Though I have not watched the movie, intend to watch it sometime, if the movie has and will be able to put in place a few things, we would be a great nation. The things which we as Indians should get in our head is as follows, again according to moi :

1. Do not piss on the roadside..That brick was not made for you to relieve yourself..And by the way, where will the poor dogs pee?

2. And the watery stains of that betel remains! When you build a house make sure you do not paint it! YOu got what i meant to say right? Target your house with that rather than roads, public toilets, neighbour's walls, dark corners of your office et al...

3. Do not honk when the traffic light is RED! Colorblind?

4. While at temples, do not push, shout, shove or belt out explitives to be in the front..remember you are at the temple!!

5. After cleaning your home, do not nicely pack the rubbish and neatly throw at your neighbour's door!

These are some of my suggestions..Make sure it is taken!!

Rest after watching Lage Raho Munna Bhai..Gandhigiri definitely seems cool!!!!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Its been a while...always feel like home at blogger :)

So good to write after a long long while. First I owe a lot of thanks to people who have been around me, at blogger, outside blogger..always inspiring in their own sweet you a lot for whatever you guys have been to me :) The world definitely has a lot of ups even when the downs try to desperately suck you into it :)

So updates as of now...

Left Mumbai and headed straightway to my friend with whom I was envisaging to start up an enterprise of my own. Apparently, both of us having the same wavelength for the project, did not take too much of a time deciding what to do and how to go about it.
So we started "travelogues", a travel company which endeavours to make travel plans for people wanting to travel towards Darjeeling and Sikkim, the gateway to the Northeastern part of the country.

Travelogues is about a month and a couple of days old baby. We are operating from Kolkata and Bangalore with our head office in Sikkim.
The response from people to whom we have spoken the idea of travelling towards those parts has been quite positive. We are in talks with a couple of organizations at present and hopefully we would be able to give them a trip of a lifetime if we take them to these places.
We have been offering specialized travel packs which include the following -

1. Adventure tourism
2. Trekking
3. Village and Eco Tourism
4. Regular sightseeing

The details of which is quite an elaborate one :) If someone is interested in specific details, I could answer the same :)

Why tourism? Someone asked me? All of a Sudden? Well hoestly speaking, I always wanted to do something on my own. A regular 9 to 6 work schedule has had never been my idea about work. My idea of work was something which I give 100 percent and atleast get 50% of it..atleast on the satisfaction front.
On a tiring day from work in my previous company, as I rested and stared at the celeing, tired and completely drained out, the first question that would come to me would be this:
"What if I had sweated out this energy in something thats my own?" Maybe that was a selfish notion but the fact never changed. At the end of the day, the feeling was just so overwhelming.
Sometimes working for 4 hours was such a trouble with the mind playing a lot of games...u know what i mean to I work for almost 20 plus hours, trying to figure out things here and to go about to see that my customers get the best of deals...what hotels to reserve..what cars to provide..if teens then what kind of enjoyment would they relish..if elderly, what kind of music should the driver al..all minute things but very vital....cos travel is all about the comfort life can provide..and a customer is just paying you for relishing the small happiness that they can get in taking a sojourn :)

So lots of things happening at my learning, but enjoying every bit of the learning :) meeting a lot of people, focusing towards spreading the network and trying to give it my best shot in whatever I intend to do :)

That's a lot I have spoken about myself and what I have been doing in these days:)

Hope this is not boring. Its 2 a.m. have been listening to "Someday i'll be Saturday night" for the nth time as of now...lots of things to catch up with...catch ya guys in the next blog soon..and yeah i hope i do mean it when i say soon ;)

Once again, thanks for being there you all a lot and a little more....:))))

Friday, July 14, 2006

Learning sans earnings:)

Am pitched in Mumbai right now. Been almost five days. Had recieved a call from one of the software giants to attend an interview for the position of a technical writer. Sprung up to the occasion and did head straightway from Bangalore to Mumbai in flat 22 hours. This includes the time taken for travel rituals as well. 2 months off paycheck had definitely done a wee bit of damage to my self identity.

Was ready to grab "any" chance that favoured me. Knowing that there are certain jobs which would not be justified if I did take the offer. One of them being definitely technical writing. Apologies if this hurts the sentiments of anyone reading this, but honestly speaking I do not fathom myself to be in the field of technical writing.

Movies, writing ad copies, public relations, travel writing and such adventurous endeavours have been my passion and longing.
Nevertheless did go for the interview on the desired date and time. The written round went on quite well. The HR lady was sweet enough to make me feel comfortable and explain in detail what I was supposed to do and what would be my role if I did get the job.

1 and a half hours later completed the paper. The lady told me to wait for a while while the result would be declared on the very same day. Waited for atleast 2 hours and that's where my mind started playing games with me.

Questions like, would you really like to do it if you got it? Would you be happy doing this? What if you are bored after a while and further disillusioned about what to do next? started to play merry go round with me. Truely, I was zapped by my own ruminations!

After 2 hours the HR lady came by and said that the written round was through and the next level would be the interview. I was confident that I would fumble. The confidence of not being able to answer my own internal
questions make matters worse. And as expected the interviewer asked me the "how's of something" and I replied the "what's and whys of everything". Result, it was nice meeting you :)

Came out of the office, a little humilated, agitated, and with an urge to punch myself and the interviewer ( let's leave the man alone, I suppose). Walked up the road with no aim at all. Things getting heavier inside the head.

Had been working on a proposal of setting up an enterprise with a couple of friends. After digesting the result called a friend and took a stock of the project. Fortunately for us, things were rolling as we wanted it to.

Would be joining the project sometime next week so that we can get things rolling and do what I want to do the most. As for the sustainance, will let you guys know as the project unfolds.

(Note: We would be having an office in Mumbai too. Hopefully I do come here for handling the same:)